Placebo Goes Out On Ledge With Hollywood Film

The Brit-based trio of Placebo were in New York over the weekend, where they performed alongside Whale and Gomez at Virgin Records' showcase as part of this year's CMJ Music Fest.

At the conclusion of the band's blistering, 45-minute set, Placebo launched into a relentless version of "Pure Morning," the first single off of the band's just-released sophomore album, "Without You I'm Nothing."

The striking video for "Pure Morning" [28.8 RealVideo] features lead singer Brian Molko dangling rather precariously from the ledge of a multi-story high rise, an idea the band admits to having copped from an old Hollywood film.

"We're tired and bored of performance videos where bands just play their instruments," Molko told MTV, "we wanted to do something which

was more narrative-based

and something in which we could act, something that told a story. So, the concept kind of came from us, but it was inspired from an old Grace Kelly film from the '50s where a guy tries to throw himself off a building, called 'Fourteen Hours.'"

"And we just thought it would be really tension-filled situation [for a video]," he added, "but for the most part I'm not there really. There was a stunt man out there and all of my work was done basically at a blue screen in a studio. Somehow I think we couldn't get any insurance for me to be on top of a building." [28.8 RealVideo]

Placebo kicks-off a European tour on November 11, but will return to the States in early December to perform at KROQ's annual Christmas show. Placebo then plans to launch a full-scale U.S. tour in February.