Pavement Wraps New Record With Nigel Godrich

The esoteric rock group Pavement has just completed work on the band's fifth, as-yet-untitled studio album, which is currently set for release in early June.

Collaborating with Pavement on the record was producer Nigel Godrich, who also manned the boards for Radiohead's "O.K. Computer" and Beck's recent release, "Mutations." According to a spokesman for Matador Records, the band's label, it was Godrich's brilliant technical work on "Computer," as well as the recommendation of some mutual friends, that brought him to the group's attention.

Pavement laid down the basic tracks at RPM studios in New York City late last year, and engineered the album at a London studio in early January. According to those who've heard the tapes, the new record features an even more sweepingly intricate sound than its last album, 1997's "Brighten the Corners," all while maintaining the band's penchant for lyrics and themes rife with non-sequiturs.

Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs told

MTV News the album was a "sexy, classy affair in the style of Roxy Music and Spandau Ballet. It's also political, especially in light of the current White House situation." Stairs said that guests on the record include Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood and a group of Ugandan percussionists the band met via Finley Quaye.

Sample song titles include "Bring on the Major Leagues," "Spit on a Stranger" and "Billy the Saint," and while Pavement has yet to choose a single from the record, a source close to the band says that the slacker group is "extremely excited" about the director currently in negotiations to film the first clip.

In related news, a representative for Matador said that the live Pavement album originally slated for last year will likely be resurrected in some form in the near future. The concert record was scuttled when band members couldn't agree on what material to include.

Pavement also plans on launching a tour to coincide with the new album's release

that will keep the band out on the road from June until mid-fall.