Pavement Admits Uncertainty Over Band's Future

With Pavement's newest album, "Terror Twilight," settling into stores, many critics and fans are openly questioning whether this record, the group's fifth, will be its last.

Representatives of Pavement's label, Matador Records, had dismissed such talk prior to the release of "Terror Twilight" (see "Pavement Films New Video During European Tour").

But during a recent interview with MTV News, band leader Stephen Malkmus noted that cutting the new album was done primarily to complete a contractual obligation -- and that it might, in fact, be the indie icon's last.

"If we do make [another] record," Malkmus said, "we have to devise some other way -- "

"Of making it fresh," interjected drummer Steve West.

"And get better performances out of everybody,"

Malkmus added, "and having everyone have more of an input. So, if that's a challenge you want to take, then that takes a lot of work to do. There's five people [in the band]. It takes a lot of time [to record an album], and we live in different places. So, Pavement fans, I wouldn't get your hopes up or down." [RealVideo]

Pavement is currently playing the last few Southern dates of its current tour, and will finish a two-night stand in Atlanta tonight at the Echo Lounge.