Papa Vegas Talks Tears For Fears

Papa Vegas' new single, "Bombshell," is continuing to impact at alternative radio, and the band is about to begin its opening stint on the Verve Pipe's spring club tour.

"Bombshell" is taken from Papa Vegas' just-released debut album, "Hello Vertigo," and some have noted a similarity between the soaring vocals of the group's frontman, Joel Ferguson, and that of Tears for Fears singer Roland Orzabal -- a point that's not gone totally unnoticed by Ferguson.

"I'm a big fan of [Tears for Fears]," Ferguson told MTV News, "but I think that those guys, very much like Depeche Mode, kind of got stuck in that [era]. Duran Duran is like that as well. I think they have a lot of great songs, but when you listen to their songs now, they're so dated via the instrumentation, and some of the ways they chose to bring the music to the foreground was very much [of that period]."

"There was a huge element of technology

that instantly kind of put that date stamp on it," he added, "but to hear a song like 'Head Over Heels' done on a piano or on an acoustic guitar... it's an amazing song, and it'll always be an amazing song." [RealAudio]

Papa Vegas and the Verve Pipe are scheduled to kick off their joint tour Wednesday night at the 7th House in Pontiac, Michigan.