Sugar Ray To Keep Set List Close To Chest For Campus Invasion

When some bands play live, they reach into their bag of tricks and back catalog to play songs that didn't make their current album or which may appear on the next record. But such is not the case with Sugar Ray.

The Orange County band has issued three albums to date, including their most recent release, "14:59," and singer Mark McGrath recently confided to the MTV Radio Network: what you see is what you get and there is very little left over.

"We're the most unprolific songwriting band in the history of the world," McGrath said. "Songwriting to us is like Kryptonite. It's like, 'Oh God! We're a band, I guess we'd better write songs!' So, we use every last one of 'em."

"We do have a few skeletons of songs that never got fully developed, so there are some of those," he continued, "but there's certainly not 20 sittin' in a vault somewhere like

Metallica. No 'Here's "Load," here comes "Re-Load."' There's not going to be '14:59' and '15:01.'"

Sugar Ray is preparing to hit the road with Orgy as part of MTV's Campus Invasion Tour, starting on April 2 at the University of California in San Diego and ending on May 7 at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland.