Orbital Shoot "The Saint"

March 6 [17:45 EST] -- The British techno act The Orbital has just shot a video for "The Saint," the follow-up clip to its unforgettable video "The Box," in which British actress Tilda Swindon stalks her way shell-shocked through London, which is seen in super-fast time-lapse shots.

The new Orbital video is for the title song to the Val Kilmer vehicle "The Saint," which is a big-screen update on the old Roger Moore TV show. Moore returns to make a cameo in The Orbital clip.

Back on the big screen, Kilmer is joined by Elizabeth Shue in the upcoming film adaptation of the "Saint" franchise, which actually began as a series of books by British author Leslie Charteris before Moore brought it to television.

The film opens April 4, with the first video and single from the soundtrack coming courtesy of Duran Duran.

As for Tilda Swindon, who starred in the gender-bending movie "Orlando," she's due back in theaters late April in another artsy opus, called "Female