Noel Gallagher Walks Out On Oasis

London newspaper "Daily Mirror" is reporting that Oasis' Noel Gallagher has walked out on the group on the eve of a sold-out concert in Paris, and the band's camp has confirmed that the guitarist has pulled out of the group for the remainder of its European tour.

Gallagher, 32, reportedly told his bandmates that he's tired of touring and that he has become increasingly disenchanted with the heavy drinking of his brother Liam, the group's frontman.

A press release issued by the band revealed that the tour would continue without Gallagher and that a replacement guitarist would join the group onstage.

"Unfortunately, working in the new guitarist will mean losing some of the French shows," a spokesperson for the band said in a statement, "but we're confident we'll hit the ground running with a great live show in Milan next Tuesday night, May 30."

The statement claims that the band's European shows will "go ahead as scheduled" starting with

the Milan show, with Matt Deighton, who has played with Paul Weller and Mother Earth, handling guitar duties in Gallagher's place.

Gallagher will return to the group for its scheduled U.K. dates in the summer, the statement claims.

The news of Gallagher's walkout follows last weekend's cancellation of a performance in Barcelona, which was reportedly due to drummer Alan White suffering from a sore wrist.