Oasis' Noel Talks Walkout With U.K. Press

Emphasizing that his departure from Oasis is only temporary, Noel Gallagher told the U.K. tabloid "The Sun" that he walked out on the group's current European tour because he needed time away from his brother Liam.

"He's the singer, so we have a professional relationship," Noel told "The Sun" of Liam. "We don't have a relationship outside the band. We are not good at playing happy families."

He added, "If he was beside me now, he'd do all the talking and I'd be looking into the distance. He talks too much."

As we previously reported, Gallagher left the tour on the eve of a concert in Paris (see "Noel Gallagher Walks Out On Oasis"). In a statement, the group's camp revealed that the European leg of the tour would continue with Matt Deighton filling in for the singer-guitarist, who would be returning for the group's U.K. dates in July and August.

"Am I seriously considering leaving the band?

No," Gallagher told "The Sun." "I intend to do a solo album, but a solo album doesn't necessarily mean you are leaving the band. I intend to do both."

Gallagher also told "The Sun" that he hoped to be retired in five years. When asked what he had in mind for his post-band plans, he told the paper that he hoped to produce and that he "might do an Oasis reunion tour for the money."