Oasis' Liam Speaks Out On Noel's Solo Plan

Liam Gallagher told London tabloid "The Sun" that his brother Noel Gallagher's plan to record a solo album will destroy the band Oasis, which is currently touring Europe with replacement guitarist Matt Deighton until Noel rejoins the group onstage in Dublin, Ireland, on July 8.

In a revealing interview, Liam expressed his feelings about Noel's recent comments to "The Sun," in which he said he wished to record an album of his own while remaining with the band (See "Oasis' Noel Talks Walkout With U.K. Press").

"When you do a solo album," Liam told "The Sun," "how can you go back?"

The band, Liam added, would not sit and wait for Noel to record, release, and promote a solo album. "And if he goes down that road, he can't go and say, 'OK, let's start Oasis again,'" the singer said. "If he does a f***ing solo album then Oasis will be over."

The Oasis frontman went on to discuss whether or not the

band may have lost its magic touch with the release of its "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" album. That the work left the charts as swiftly as it topped them had Liam wondering aloud to "The Sun" if Oasis had lost the edge that had initially attracted an audience.

The singer also reassured Oasis' fans that, once again, his disagreements with Noel shouldn't be taken out of proportion. "That's brothers for you, mate," Gallagher said. "You should be in a band, and then you'd fight."

Noel Gallagher is reportedly vacationing on the island of Ibiza with his wife Meg and their four-month-old daughter Anais. He will rejoin Oasis for the band's U.K. dates in July and August.