Sinead O'Connor Ordained As Roman Catholic Priest, May Record Under New Name

After tearing up a photo of the Pope during a controversial appearance on "Saturday Night Live" back in 1992, Sinead O'Connor now seems to have reconciled some of her differences with the Catholic Church. The singer may also change her stage name to reflect the shift in her religious views.

O'Connor has been ordained as a female priest for the Latin Tridentine Church, a splinter group of the Roman Catholic Church, and says she has already celebrated Mass several times, according to the "Associated Press."

After spending six weeks under the tutelage of a Tridentine bishop, O'Connor will undertake her priestly duties as Mother Bernadette Mary, a moniker she may also record under.

The singer has apologized for the 1992 incident that pretty much booted her out of the public eye in the states, admitting "it was a disrespectful thing to do."

More recently, O'Connor drew the derision of Church officials for her portrayal of Mother Mary in Neil Jordan's 1997 film, "The Butcher


No word yet on when Sinead O'Connor (or Mother Bernadette Mary) plans to release her next album, as she hasn't issued a full-length studio effort since 1994's "Universal Mother." O'Connor's last album (of sorts) was the critically acclaimed 1997 EP, "Gospel Oak."