Poe, Gwen Stefani Come Out For Benefit Single

Poe and Gwen Stefani have collaborated on a new song, "Rise and Shine," to benefit an organization dedicated to educating and enhancing the lives of children with AIDS.

Poe was initially motivated to write the song for the Levar And Friends Fund of Rochester, New York, after meeting Levar Hogan Halter, the organization's namesake, at a concert in December 1996.

Halter is a twelve-year-old born with HIV whose mother and father both succumbed to the AIDS virus. Halter, who has since developed AIDS, was also diagnosed recently with brain cancer.

Poe staged a benefit concert for Halter in May 1997 that raised some $20,000 for the fund. The singer then wrote "Rise and Shine" so Levar could fulfill a dream and hear his voice on the radio, as he sings on the beginning of the track.

Stefani became aware of the organization and project via Poe, and agreed to provide backing vocals to "Rise and Shine." Atlantic Records and Poe will donate all proceeds from the

single's sales to the nonprofit fund.

L.A.F.F. coordinates programs with other local agencies that help sponsor summer camps and recreational programs for children with the virus and those affected by a relative or friend with HIV or AIDS.

"Rise and Shine" premiered earlier this week on several Rochester radio stations and L.A.F.F. hopes that the single will gradually be released nationwide.

For more information about Levar and L.A.F.F., you can contact the organization by phone at (716) 336-9349, or by mail at L.A.F.F., 500 East Main St., Rochester, New York, 14604-1912.