Return Of The Mark (Morrison)

June 30 [14:00 EDT] -- "Return of the Mack" singer Mark Morrison has himself returned after serving six weeks of a three-month prison sentence.

Our colleagues in MTV Europe report that the British soul singer is now a free man after doing time in London's Wormwood Scrubs prison. Morrison had been sentenced to three month in jail after being found guilty of threatening a police officer with a stun gun last fall.

Since that initial conviction, Morrison picked up concurrent sentences for assaulting a man and damaging his car, and for another incident in which the singer smashed a photographer's camera outside of a London hotel room. Since the sentences were concurrent, no additional time was tacked on to Morrison's sentence.

Upon his release, MTV Europe says that the singer hopped into a waiting Mercedes limo, flashed photographers a peace sign, and sped off.

As we reported in May, Morrison had planned to release an EP called "Only God Can Judge Me Now" at

the time of his release.