Mark Morrison Arrested -- Again!

December 29 [9:00 EDT] -- Mark Morrison is in trouble yet again. The "Return of the Mack" singer was arrested Saturday, December 27 following an altercation outside a nightclub called the Pink Coconut in Derby, England.

Britain's PA News reports that Morrison was charged under a section of the Public Order Act. The London Mirror published a rumor that a gun was involved. Morrison has been ordered to appear before city magistrates on January 30.

Morrison's convictions far outnumber his hits. This past summer, the 25-year old R&B performer served six weeks of a three-month prison term for threatening a police officer with a stun gun, and he also served two concurrent sentences, one for attacking a man on a London street, another for smashing a photographer's camera. He was released in July but was arrested again in August for carrying an offensive weapon.

Morrison was born at a British Army base in West Germany, spent his first 11 years in Leicester, England,

and then moved with his family to Florida. He returned to England when he was 17. In 1995, he was jailed for another nightclub incident and wrote "Return of the Mack" during his incarceration. The song, from an album of the same name released in 1996 in Europe and 1997 in North America, eventually became a world-wide top 10 hit. He has yet to release a follow-up.