Morrison Nabbed For Sending Stand-In To Serve Sentence

The British Morrison, who made a name for himself Stateside with his top ten single "Return of the Mack" and a string of legal troubles, reportedly plead guilty on Monday to charges that he had a stand-in perform court-mandated community service for him.

According to a report on the "Electronic Telegraph" (the online version of Britain's "Daily Telegraph" newspaper), the Morrison impostor racked up close to 80 hours of community service work before he was exposed by journalists and a private detective. The would-be Morrison, who wore dark glasses and a hat during his service according to the "Telegraph," was reportedly outed to the court by photos taken by a photographer for "News of the World."

Morrison scored a number one hit in the U.K. with "Mack" and managed to crack the top ten in the U.S. last year, but so far has only managed to follow up the hit with a string of court dates for offenses ranging from threatening a police officer with a stun gun to carrying a club.