Mark Morrison Released From Jail

Mark Morrison was released from jail Friday, and his first stop, literally, was an appearance on a British TV show where he was interviewed and played his hit, "Return of the Mack."

Morrison traveled straight from a prison in Leicester, England, to the London studio housing the show "TFI Friday" hosted by top jock Chris Evans. Sources at the studio say the singer was so happy to be performing again, he continued playing for the studio audience right through the break.

Morrison spent the last 11 months in jail on a variety of charges culminating with a nightclub fight and his failure to perform his court-ordered public service duties after he sent a stand-in to take his place (see "Mark Morrison Sentenced To One Year In Prison").

During the interview with Evans, Morrison discussed how the experience had driven him closer to God. Morrison said that he wasn't proud of his previous actions and that he hoped to

set a better example for his fans in the future. He presented Evans with a set of handcuffs as a memento.

U.K. press reports had said previously said that the singer had converted to Islam while in jail and that he had changed his name to Abdul Rahman (see "Mark Morrison Changing Name"). The press also reported that Morrison was attempting to further erase his past by seeking legal advise to get out of his contract with Warner Music.

However, according to Morrison's business partner, Clive Black, Morrison will continue to work professionally under his customary name. Black adds that he hasn't asked Morrison about his reported religious conversion or whether he'll use the Islamic name in his personal life.

Black says he and Morrison will be concentrating on their own label, Mack Life, which will be distributed by Warner. The first order of business, says Black, will be to arrange housing for Morrison, and then they'll

start looking at a recording schedule for a new album. He adds that Morrison wrote several songs while incarcerated, and additionally a number of songs have been submitted by other writers. Black says they hope to release the new record in September.