Former Members Of Morphine And PUSA Record Tribute To Mark Sandman

The two surviving members of Morphine, drummer Billy Conway and saxophonist Dana Colley, have teamed up with former President of the United States frontman Chris Ballew and percussionist Billy Beard to record a tribute song, "Gone Again Gone," for late Morphine singer/bassist Mark Sandman.

The band, under the makeshift name Movable Bubble, plans to release "Gone Again Gone" via Morphine's official Web site, CD Now, and other online retailers in order to raise funds for the Mark Sandman Music Education Fund.

Ballew wrote "Gone Again Gone" as a tribute to Sandman a week after he died of a heart attack in Rome, Italy in July (see "Morphine Frontman Suffers Fatal Heart Attack"), and first performed the song at a memorial service in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few days later.

"Gone Again Gone" will cost $1.99 to download and will be available from December 14 until February 1, when the last Morphine record, "The Night,"

is due to be released on Dreamworks Records. But "Gone Again Gone" will remain an online exclusive, as it will not be included on "The Night" or any other posthumous Morphine albums.

Based in Cambridge, the Mark Sandman Music Education Fund has been set up to promote innovative techniques for music education programs for children through grants, workshops, and lessons.