Mobb Deep Grows Up For "Murda Muzik

Due to rampant bootlegging, hip-hop duo Mobb Deep has recorded several new tracks for its long-awaited fourth album, "Murda Muzik," which will be added to the disc before it hits stores on August 17.

The LP features cameos from Nas, Lil' Kim, Kool G Rap, Eightball, Infamous Mobb, and Noyd, and according to the group's Havoc, this LP ups the ante from 1996's "Hell On Earth" both musically and thematically.

"As far as maturity, I think that's the difference," Havoc explained to the MTV Radio Network. "'Cause we get older, or whatever, but I think we['re] touching the same issues, but in a different form. You know, trying to get better with the beats, and time to take it [to] a mature level, not on some little-kid, 'I'll shoot you, this, that, and the third.' We['re] bringing messages in there, so you know what not to do, negatively."

A few weeks after the album drops, a straight-to-video movie of the same name will be released featuring appearances by Nas and Lil' Cease

as well as a plot centering firmly around Havoc and his Mobb Deep partner, Prodigy (see "Mobb Deep Taps Nas For Album, Film").