Radiohead Meets Massive Attack

December 23 [16:00 EDT] -- Radiohead, who played 'Live From The 10 Spot" last Saturday night, has asked British trip hop pioneers, Massive Attack, to remix their critically acclaimed album, "OK Computer."

Radiohead guitarist, Ed O'Brien, says the bold idea offers some intriguing sonic possibilities, "A lot of people say why are you getting the whole album remixed? It's like, well, I think musically it could be really interesting and it's a lot of stuff. I think there are similarities between, yunno', attitudes between what Massive Attack and what we do. So we come from very different fields, but it'll be very cool to see what happens.

Massive Attack's next album "Melankolic" is due out in February, by which time, work may have begun on the "OK Computer" remix.

Meanwhile, we reported last week that Michael Stipe is executive producing a '70's glam-rock film, "Velvet Goldmine," and Radiohead's Thom Yorke is working on some music for the film.