Marvelous 3 Touches Base With '80s Rock Roots

The Atlanta-based Marvelous 3 will return to record stores next month with the release of its third album, "ReadySexGo," and the group has just issued a new track titled "Sugarbuzz" as the first single from the LP.

Last year, Marvelous 3 scored a huge radio hit with its '80s New Wave-influenced "Freak Of The Week." Around that time, band frontman Butch Walker told MTV Radio that the band is all about getting in touch with its rock roots from that era.

"It's kind of great to be brought back to that [sound]," Walker explained, "and our younger fans who missed that and didn't grow up in the '80s, they like it, too, 'cause it's fresh and new to them.

"I think it's kinda cool to have that balance, to be able to pull out a few references and hooks that are reminiscent, but also kind of out [there] in a modern-day context, and that's a good combination."

"ReadySexGo" features guest appearances from Lit's Jeremy Popoff, Buckcherry's Yogi, and Roger

Manning Jr. (Imperial Drag, Jellyfish). To preview the new album, Marvelous 3 has placed sound clips of all the songs from the record up on its official Web site at

Marvelous 3 is set to play a hometown record-release party on September 8 at The Roxy in Atlanta.