Video Director McG To Helm "Charlie's Angels" Film

Video director McG is looking to trade the TV tube for the silver screen, and has just inked a deal to direct a cinematic adaptation of the '70s TV show "Charlie's Angels," being produced by Columbia Pictures and starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu.

"Charlie's Angels" will be the feature film directorial debut for McG, who has developed a reputation for his flashy, color-saturated music clips for such artists as Sugar Ray ("Every Morning," "Fly"), Smash Mouth ("Walkin' On The Sun"), the Offspring ("Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)"), Barenaked Ladies ("One Week)", and Korn ("Got The Life"), among others.

McG is the latest video director to take the big screen plunge in recent years, joining Spike Jonze, who is currently receiving critical acclaim for his work on "Being John Malkovich," and Hype Williams, who helmed the 1998 film, "Belly," which starred rappers Nas and DMX.

"Charlie's Angels" will begin shooting in Los Angeles on December 6, and

is expected to arrive on screens in November 2000.

-- David Basham