Teen-Pop Duo M2M Delivers "Funky Beats" From Norway

Norwegian pop duo M2M is currently making some noise in America with the single "Don't Say You Love Me" off the just-released "Pokémon: The First Movie" soundtrack.

Oslo natives Marit E. Larsen (16) and Marion E. Ravn (15) have none of the usually requisite "Mickey Mouse Club" credits on their teen-pop resume, though it turns out they can boast a nomination from the "Spillemanspriset" (the Norwegian version of the Grammy Awards) for a children's album they once did.

"We got it when we were eleven and twelve," Ravn told MTV News. "When we were little, we were, like, always annoyed by [how there] was, like, no record with kids singing children's songs. It was just these old men with their guitars, you know. So we really wanted to make a record with kids singing kids' songs. And so we did... it was, like, original children's songs, with, like, funky beats. That's what we did." [RealVideo]

M2M will be mounting a full-scale U.S. assault in January with the release of an album called "Shades Of Purple."