Lollapalooza Launches In Florida

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder and this is "The Week In Rock." The Lollapalooza '97 traveling package show hit the road in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, with a bill topped by Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tool, Tricky, KoRn, James, and Orbital. Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell was back on board, too, after boycotting last year's tour, which featured the unfashionable Metallica. Serena Altschul was on hand for this year's Lollapalooza opener, and here's her report.

SERENA ALTSCHUL: Do you think this year recaptures what it was you set out to do back in '91?

PERRY FARRELL, Porno for Pyros: I feel like...Well, ya know when you come back from a trip and you got your bags and then you come in the house and you're happy to be home.

PHIL HARTNOLL, Orbital: It's great. You see electronic instrumental music is getting recognized.

JULIAN MARLEY: You can see, you've got Snoop Doggy Dogg, you have Julian Marley, you have Tricky... so it's more of a black, African American

kind of thing, also.

TRICKY: As soon as I got on... I was like jelly... because I'm realizing that these people ain't come to see me.

FARRELL: (Putting his arms around Altschul and Tricky) Cracked the egg today, baby. (To Tricky, referring to his performance) It was beautiful. It was so great.

TRICKY: Nah...

FARRELL: You don't know how great it is because you're looking at it from you. [693k QuickTime]

ALTSCHUL: Back in '95, you were supposed to be on the line-up, and for legal reasons you weren't able to do it. So I think a lot of people are really excited about you being here in '97. What does it mean to you to be back on Lollapalooza?

SNOOP DOGGY DOGG: It's like pay back, you know what I'm sayin'. I get the opportunity to pay back the people that wanted to see me out there that are still around, that are still with me, that are still supportive of my music.

SAUL DAVIES, James: I'm looking

forward to meeting all these bands. I know there's thing kind of vibe that people get into what each is doing, and people start getting together and stuff. I that'll be exciting.

DANNY CAREY, Tool: I'm not real familiar with a couple, like the band James I'm not real familiar with, but that's kinda the fun thing about it. The bands that you don't know too well, you get familiar with people after doing thirty, forty shows together.

MTV: People get a little insane. They were ripping up chairs...

JONATHAN DAVIS, KoRn: That's what they do at KoRn shows... [plus live performance, 700k QuickTime] and it's kinda dangerous.

BRIAN WELCH, KoRn: That's how they show us that they love us.

FAN 1: I'm just having a lot of fun here. It's so cool! I broke my hand already!!!

FAN 2: A lot of people that I know didn't go to the last couple of ones, but went to this Lollapalooza.

FAN 3: There's like no words

to explain how this concert was, 'cause it was, like, the best, man!

SNOOP DOGGY DOGG: They're bridging the gap between rappers not being able to go on tour and rappers being able to go on tour because rappers and rockers are going to go together and they're gonna have a good time and it's gonna be safe and it's gonna be cool and it's gonna bridge the gap between East and West, black and white, rock, hip-hop. It's just music and we just people and that's all it's about and that's what this tour represents.

Lollapalooza plays Virginia Beach on Tuesday, and Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. And we understand that there are plenty of tickets left for the Washington, D.C. show, so check that out.