Lit Channels Twisted Sister For New Video

After scoring a modern rock hit with "My Own Worst Enemy," Lit is prepping to release the second single from its "A Place in the Sun" LP, and recently shot a video for the track, titled "Zip-Lock," in the Hollywood Hills.

For the clip, which will spoof the classic video for Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," Lit enlisted the aid of the band's friends in Blink-182, a bevy of bathing beauties, and ex-Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

In a play on the original Twisted Sister vid, Snider will play the strict father who doesn't want his teenager listening to "My Own Worst Enemy." As soon as the Dad leaves the house, of course, the teen throws a backyard beach party the ever-naked Blink-182 and Lit's alter-ego from its last video, the bowling team from Moe's Bail Bonds.

"We always wanted to remake one of the old Twisted Sister videos," Lit vocalist A. Jay Popoff explained to MTV News. "And

instead of trying to reenact the whole thing, which would have been really hard, we actually got Dee Snider to play the dad and reenact the intro. Then, we figured since the album's titled 'A Place In The Sun' and the single's coming out in the summertime, it'd be cool to have a cool backyard summer party. And, I think they definitely nailed that with this backyard." [RealVideo]

The video for "Zip-Lock" is expected to debut in mid to late-July. Lit is currently out on the road with the Offspring, a tour that will bring both acts to Rome, New York on July 23 for performances on the first day of Woodstock '99.