LFO On The Inspiration Behind Summer Girls

The latest group of hopefuls to enter the boy-band sweepstakes is the group L.F.O.-- the "Lyte Funky Ones"-- and they have one of this week's hottest selling singles with "Summer Girls," a song that should give major hope to all aspiring songwriters and poets out there.

The tune, written by 23-year-old singer Rich-- rhymes with "fitch"-- Cronin is a tribute to a girlfriend he had back when he was just 17.

MTV News asked Cronin if the lucky girl was aware of the song. "I haven't talked to her. I hope she does, though. I don't even know if she hears it."

Bandmates Brad Fishetti and Devin Lima gave their two cents on the matter, as Fishetti pointed out that "She has to know, she hears it on the radio." Lima added "He doesn't know, he hasn't seen her since then. She probably knows."

Cronin then mused "I've seen her, I haven't

talked to her in a year or so. I hope she knows." [RealVideo]

LFO's debut album was released on Tuesday.