LFO Plans Next Video, Films Cameo For New Movie

The guys of LFO have topped the charts for yet another week with their mumbo-jumbo beach anthem, "Summer Girls," and now they've got some new onscreen roles on tap.

Since summer officially ends Thursday, the trio is looking forward to moving its "girls" theme into the next season with its next single, "Girl On TV." The group will shoot the video in Los Angeles next weekend.

LFO has also shot a cameo for the movie "Jack Of All Trades," which frontman Rich Cronin told MTV News also features appearances from Britney Spears as well as some other familiar faces.

"'N Sync is in it," Rich told MTV news. "Justin [Timberlake]'s, like, a valet car parker. I'm a cop, a policeman, a New York cop."

Cronin also revealed that bandmate Devin Lima plays "a 'Chippendale'" and mentioned that LFO's third man, Brad Fischetti, has a small role as well: "He's eating pizza."

Brad expanded on his role. "I'm just a regular dude," Brad began, "eating pizza with... it's supposed to be my niece, it looks like I have a ten-year-old girlfriend." [RealVideo]

"Jack Of All Trades" tells the story of two brothers, one a gigolo and the other a high-school student, and is tentatively due out in February 2000.