L7 Forms Label With Bong Load Records, Preps New Album

After releasing a live album last year on the indie label Man's Ruin Records, punk rock grrl group L7 has formed its own label, Wax Tadpole, which will issue the band's new studio album, "Slap Happy," on August 24.

Wax Tadpole is a joint venture between L7 and Bong Load Records, the same label currently involved in a contractual dispute with Beck involving his most recent album, the joint Geffen-Bong Load Records release, "Mutations" (see "Beck Battles Labels Over Business, Artistic Issues").

"We were really eager to release a new album in '99 for our fans," explained L7 guitarist Donita Sparks in a statement formally announcing the new label. "We started to realize that maybe it wouldn't be possible unless we did it ourselves, and the thought of having complete control was really exciting to us."

"Slap Happy" was produced by Brian Haught and features such songs as "Freezer Burn," "Lackey," "Mantra Down," and "On My Rockin'

Machine," and the group says it plans to hit the road in support of "Slap Happy" this summer.

The new L7 album is the studio follow-up to 1997's acclaimed "Triple Platinum: The Beauty Process," although the band was dropped by Warner Bros. later that same year. A concert record, "Live: Omaha to Osaka," was issued in 1998.