Kris Kross First Signing To Ex-Ruffhouse Head's New Label

Just when you were ready to put early '90s teen hip-hoppers Kris Kross into the "Whatever happened to…" bin, the duo is preparing a return to the music scene.

Kris Kross, who scored a huge hit with "Jump" in 1992 and has not released a new album since 1996's "Young, Rich And Dangerous," has just signed to a new label founded by Joe Nicolo, according to "The Hollywood Reporter."

The duo of Chris Kelly and Chris Smith is well acquainted with Nicolo; along with Chris Schwartz, Nicolo co-owned Ruffhouse, the label that released Kris Kross' prior efforts.

Nicolo's new label, Judgement Records, will be distributed by RCA Records. Kris Kross' first album for Judgement is tentatively due in March. Earlier this year, Nicolo and Schwartz shut down Ruffhouse Records, the label that they started 13 years earlier, which launched the careers of Kris Kross as well as the Fugees and Cypress Hill (see "Ruffhouse Records Shuts Down").