Korn Fights Back For Suspended Michigan High Schooler

Korn has sounded off, in a big way, in the case of an 18-year-old Michigan student suspended from high school for wearing a T-shirt bearing that band's name.

The band says that it has fired off a cease-and-desist order against Zeeland High School assistant principal Gretchen Plewes and her school district demanding that it stop what the band sees as "defamatory comments about the band and infringing on their civil liberties."

After refusing to comment on the issue since the story broke earlier this week, the band now says that it is also consulting its attorneys about the possibility of filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the school district, the school, and Plewes. The band is specifically targeting comments made by Plewes to a local newspaper in Holland, Michigan after the incident.

As we reported earlier this week (see "UPDATE: Korn T-Shirt Flap Begs Question 'What's In A Name?'"), Plewes suspended student

Eric VanHoven when she deemed that his Korn shirt was offensive, and went on to explain her actions to the "Holland Sentinel" saying that Korn is "indecent, vulgar, obscene, and intends to be insulting."

She reportedly went on to say that wearing the band name Korn on a shirt "is no different than a person wearing a middle finger on their shirt."

Those comments have now raised the ire of Korn, and may soon spark a lawsuit. Korn says that if the lawsuit happens, and they emerge victorious, any proceeds will go to the American Civil Liberties Union and charities devoted to the prevention of child abuse.

The band also expressed concern about VanHoven and the rights of other students at Zeeland High in their first public comments since the story broke. In a written statement released by the band, Korn drummer David Silveria asked, "Where does an assistant principal get the right to preach her own morals and actually suspend a student?"

Meanwhile, students at

Zeeland High are planning a walk out at the school on Friday.