Korn Works Through Its "Issues" On New Album

Much has been made in recent months about rock's current revival, and for many, the revolution began with Korn when the band dropped its self-titled debut album in 1995.

In these days of quickly diverted attention spans and waning fan loyalty, however, the pressure is on for Korn's forthcoming album, "Issues" (due in stores on November 16), to perform as well as its previous three efforts while keeping the band ahead of the hard rock pack.

Korn has more faith in its fans' loyalty than some of its handlers do, apparently: the band has posted "Falling Away From Me," the first single from "Issues," in an unprotected, no-time-out MP3 file on the band's Web site (www.korn.com). According to a message to fans on the site, the group is offering the free track much against the advice of its attorneys and the "corporate establishment" (see "Korn Offers Free MP3 Of New Single").

If the warnings of the band's management, record label,

and attorneys don't make its members at all nervous, neither does the prospect of the new heavy bands that have arrived in Korn's wake.

"We're trying to top ourselves," frontman Jonathan Davis told MTV News, "and we're at the forefront of the whole [rock] thing. We broke the thing wide open."

He added, "I don't think it's so much the other bands, 'cause most of the bands that are in the same genre as us are our friends, so it's not really a competition thing. It's just us trying to outdo ourselves."

Bass player Fieldy added, "We'll hear other records, and we're not trying to compete and [say], 'Oh, we gotta be better than them.' We'll just rip off ideas and change it."

While the new album delivers the punch you'd expect from Korn, it also seeks to serve as a powerful testament to some of

the demons Davis has been struggling with as of late.

"It started back, probably back at the start of the [first] Family Values [tour in 1998] when I went crazy," Davis explained, "and had to stop drinking and doing a lot of stuff, so it's all the feelings I went through during the 'hell tour,' and I'm still going through it, kinda."

When it comes to working through those feelings in his music, Davis is incapable of pulling punches.

"I've never held back [with lyrics]," Davis asserted. "I think people can see that. So I just lay it out there. It's just to help me to get it out. It's my way of venting, I guess." [RealVideo]

To further scare the suits who bite their nails over the group, Korn is planning to broadcast its entire "Issues" album live from the Apollo Theater in New York via

radio and the Web on Monday, November 15 at 10 p.m. (ET).

For more on the making of "Issues," check out the MTV News Online feature "Korn: A Studio Report."