Juvenile Arrested For Aggravated Assault, Battery

Cash Money rapper Juvenile has been charged with five counts of aggravated assault and three counts of simple battery after he allegedly threatened to shoot several women and chased them out of his home in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Mandeville Police Department's Lt. Thomas Breazeale confirmed to MTV News that officers were called to the scene at 4:45 a.m. (CT) on Thursday, July 20 in response to a 911 call placed by one of Juvenile's neighbors.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, was arrested and booked on the eight counts, all misdemeanors, on Thursday. He was released after posting a $2,076 bond.

According to a statement issued by the police, the five female victims told officers on the scene that they were from New Orleans and that Juvenile picked them up to serve as dancers at his housewarming party.

While at Juvenile's residence, water began leaking from the kitchen ceiling, and the rapper discovered that it was caused by water that had

overflowed from an upstairs tub after it had been left running, according to the statement.

The women claim that Juvenile became upset and believed that they were somehow responsible. He then became physically and verbally abusive toward the women, shoving three of them to the floor and threatening to shoot them with a gun, although he never actually brandished a firearm during the incident and arresting officers did not discover a gun in the house.

After threatening the women, Juvenile then allegedly armed himself with what appeared to be an icepick and chased them outside of the house. The females then fled to a neighboring home, the resident of which phoned the authorities.

The rapper faces up to six months or a $1,000 fine for each count of aggravated assault and an additional six months and a $500 fine on each count of simple battery. Juvenile is next scheduled to appear in a St. Tammany Parish courthouse on September 11 to answer the charges.