Jon Spencer Talks About Leaving Lollapalooza

June 11 [12:00 EDT] -- Just two weeks before this year's incarnation of Lollapalooza is to kick off in Florida, it seems that the line-up is undergoing some changes.

After his set at Saturday's portion of the Tibetan Freedom Concert, Jon Spencer told MTV News that he and the Blues Explosion will not be joining the tour as previously planned.

"We're not doing heard it first here!" [900QuickTime] Spencer told MTV News.

Spencer and his band refused to discuss the matter further, or any details surrounding their split from the tour, but had no problem joking about the whole situation.

"It's going to be a busy summer for me anyway now, because I'm gonna get a paper route now," [300k QuickTime] Spencer joked about his summer plans now that Lollapalooza is not happening for the band.

"I think we're going to cry for about four weeks, and then we're

going to go through anger and denial," the animated singer added.

When asked about the matter after his turn on the Tibet show stage with Porno For Pyros, Lollapalooza founding father Perry Farrell refused to comment on the Blues Explosion's departure.

Both Spencer's label (Matador Records) and the Lollapalooza camp confirmed that the band will not be on the bill, but had no further comment on the matter.