Generation X Gets "Sweet Revenge"

As early '80s bands such as the Culture Club and Bow Wow Wow are returning to reap the benefits of nostalgia, late '70s acts appear to be making a comeback of their own, led by the B-52s and its announced summer tour. Now an unreleased recording by Generation X, the punkish New Wave band fronted by Billy Idol, has emerged after being locked away in a vault since 1979.

The album, entitled "Sweet Revenge," features 11 tracks, including the original demo version of "Dancing With Myself," a song Idol would later recast as a solo effort on his 1981 debut EP, "Don't Stop."

According to a publicist for Mutiny Records, the label issuing the "lost" album, "Sweet Revenge" was scheduled to be Generation X's third album, but was abandoned after Idol left the group after attempting to instill Kiss' managers as their own.

Sessions for "Sweet Revenge" were originally held in July 1979 at Olympic Studios in London and featured the original band line-up of Billy Idol on vocals, Bob

Andrews on guitar, Tony James on bass and John Towe on drums.

After Generation X split-up, guitarist Andrews held onto the tapes and locked them away before finally unearthing them earlier this year, some two decades after the music was initially recorded.

"Sweet Revenge" arrives in stores on May 19.