Ice-T Plans New Film, Record, Label Project

Feb. 19 [16:00 EST] -- Ice-T apparently doesn't think two feature films and two recording careers is enough on his plate as he will now reportedly launch his own record label.

According to, Ice-T's Coroner Records will be a "small indie with a punk rock attitude," and is looking to release a hardcore rap album from a project called Murder Inc. Coroner is reportedly in talks with three different independent distributors attempting to hammer out a distribution deal.

In Ice-T's more traditional musical pursuits, the rapper's rock group Body Count is scheduled to release its next effort, "Violent Demise," on March 11 on Virgin Records, and Ice-T may reportedly put out a rap record this year as well.

The rapper-turned-rocker-turned-actor will also appear in two upcoming films: "Below Utopia" and "The Deli." While the films are markedly different ("Below Utopia" is a thriller and "The Deli" is a comedy),

Ice-T plays a tough guy in each.

Also on the movie front, Ice-T is reportedly trying to bring an original screenplay of his, for a film called "Marks," to the screen as well.