Ice-T, 2 Live Crew Do It For Jerry Springer

2 Live Crew and Ice-T have teamed up to shoot a no-holds-barred video for their song "The Real One," which will be featured in the Jerry Springer film " Ringmaster" and on its soundtrack.

The infamous Crew were brought on board the project when Springer and the film's music supervisor first heard the song, which had been previously recorded for 2 Live Crew's current album, also titled "The Real One." The rap group also recorded two new versions of James Brown's "Living In America" for the picture.

While on the set of "The Real One" video shoot, which took place at the Broadway Boxing Gym in South Central, California, both 2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis and Ice-T jumped at the chance to proclaim their love of the action-packed talk show.

"Everybody loves Jerry Springer whether they want to act like they do or they don't, you know," Ice-T told MTV News of the Springer appeal. "It's not something

you're gonna pass by, you know. When you see it on TV, when you see two girls grabbin' each other. It's a great thing. It's the American way." [28.8 RealVideo]

The Crew's Brother Marquis added, "Whenever they're fighting and whenever they've got some like stripper girls on there pullin' off their clothes and you know what I'm saying? Like anytime I can...when I'm at home kickin' back with my girl and everything, we got to watch that. We like that ghetto stuff."

2 Live Crew and Ice-T are featured rapping in a boxing setting with film footage intermixed. Also making an appearance in the video is Nate Dogg, who is not guesting on the track, but can be heard elsewhere on the "Ringmaster" soundtrack on his own as-yet-untitled cut. Nate Dogg has written a song specifically for the film, and is currently in the process of recording it. Other acts on the soundtrack include Monifah, Reel Tight, and even Springer himself singing a country-western tune he wrote called "Dr. Talk."

While the soundtrack won't be out in stores until March, the film premiers on Thursday and will hit theaters nationwide on November 25.