Ice-T Preps New Solo And Body Count Albums, Hopes To Tour With Limp Bizkit

Ice-T has maintained a high film and TV profile over the last few years, and even though his foray into prime-time drama on "Players" didn't last more than one season, the rapper has stayed busy with roles in no less than six different films.

Now the rapper is busy working on a pair of new albums. Aside from the "experimental" score he composed for the "Below Utopia" soundtrack -- which featured 13 untitled instrumental tracks, Ice-T hasn't released a proper studio album since 1996's "Return of the Real."

"I just finished a new Ice-T album," the rapper told the MTV Radio Network, "which is my seventh album. I've already got six gold albums. The new one is called 'The Seventh Deadly Sin: Gangster Rap,' and it's a hardcore record and it's for people who want to hear some hard and intense beats." [28.8 RealAudio]

"[I'm] also working on a new Body Count

album which is gonna either be called 'Facial Blank Shots,'" Ice-T continued, "and you can figure that one out -- or it'll be called 'Assisted Suicide'... and hopefully we'll be going on tour with Limp Bizkit." [28.8 RealAudio]

No word yet on when Ice-T hopes to release either his own solo album or the new Body Count record, but we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile Ice has just signed on to appear in a new film, entitled "Point Doom" alongside comedian Andrew Dice Clay.