Enrique Iglesias To Include Springsteen Cover, Whitney Duet On New Album

If you love "Bailamos," but you're just itching to hear new music from Enrique Iglesias, fear not, the wait will soon be over: hitting record stores on November 23 will be "ENRIQUE," the singer's debut English language album.

The first single from the album will be "Rhythm Divine," which reunites Iglesias with the Groove Brothers, the production team behind Iglesias' first English language effort, "Bailamos," which hit number 1 on the singles charts over the summer (see "Enrique Iglesias Dances His Way To Number One With Surprise Hit").

"Bailamos," first released on the "Wild Wild West" soundtrack, will also be included on "ENRIQUE" (see "Will Smith Sizes Up Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailamos'-mania").

"ENRIQUE" will feature the singer's first duet, "Could I Have This Kiss Forever," sung with Whitney Houston. The song was written by Dianne Warren and produced by David Foster.

Another notable track on the album is "Sad Eyes," a cover of an obscure Bruce Springsteen song that went unreleased until it surfaced on last year's "Tracks" box set (see "Bruce Springsteen Mines Past For Box Set").

"ENRIQUE," featuring tracks produced by Patrick Leonard, Rick Nols and Iglesias himself, in addition to the Groove Brothers and David Foster, will feature Spanish language versions of three of its songs: "Rhythm Divine," "Sad Eyes" and "I'm Your Man."

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-- Brian Ives