They Might Be Giant Directs A Danger

If you were excited by the news that Harvey Danger had tapped They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh to direct their video for "Private Helicopter," you can thank the good people at Seattle's annual Bumbershoot Festival.

TMBG first crossed paths with Harvey Danger at the Seattle shindig earlier this year, and the two bands struck up a fast friendship.

"I saw their show, and we would just like hang out in this giant sort of locker room area," Flansburgh recently explained to our friends in the MTV Radio Network.

"You know, we got along and they seemed like really nice guys. At the end of a night of bar hopping, I was like, 'Well, if you need anybody to direct your video, I'm available.' I sort of figured that they would already have done their, you know, finished their next video because the 'Flagpole Sitta' song had been out and huge for a while. And right at the end

of this tour when I jumped off I just had the chance to shoot it so it's been very exciting." [28.8 RealVideo]

Despite the song's title, Flansburgh said that the band stayed grounded during the recent New York City shoot, which found Harvey Danger doing much of their playing in the subway. Flansburgh did employ helicopters to shoot aerial footage of the city, but managed to keep himself firmly planted on the ground as well.

"The insurance would not cover me to ride in the helicopter," Flansburgh explained. "Yeah I would never have done it anyway. I mean I was not interested. It's funny because cameramen are a different breed of people than directors and they're really into the cowboy life."

Of course, Flansburgh and his They Might Be Giants partner John Linnell are busy with their own band as well. The group is trying to drum up support for its recent live collection "Severe Tire Damage," and its new single "Dr. Worm."