Hanson Finds "Time" To Open Doors For New Fans

Three years after helping spawn the current wave in teen pop with its mega-hit "MMMBop," the Tulsa, Oklahoma trio known as Hanson has returned with its new studio album, titled "This Time Around."

On the new record, the Hanson boys eschew some of the bubblegum pop trappings of its "Middle Of Nowhere" album in favor of a more classic blues-rock sound of such bands as The Black Crowes and The Spencer Davis Group.

Isaac, Zac, and Taylor admitted to MTV News that they're aware that the new material might alienate some of its younger fans with the edgier, more aggressive sound, but that they're hoping "This Time Around" can appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

"Instead of trying to shut something off," Taylor said, "you want to open the door for the other [fans]. It's not about shutting doors, it's about opening doors. Your point is to keep [focused], to say, 'Look,

whoever's a fan, you can be into it, [regardless] if you're eighty or if you're ten."

"I mean, it doesn't matter," Taylor continued. "To us, we're just making music. If you like it, you do. Then maybe the people that would say, 'Oh, I'm afraid to like it,' can just like it for the sake of saying, 'Hey, it's just good music.'" [RealVideo]

Hanson has already released a video for the first single -- and title track -- from "This Time Around," and will shoot its next video for the track, "If Only." Hanson will be playing a few radio festivals in late-May, early-June, and plan on kicking off a headlining U.S. tour in July.

For a full-length interview with Hanson, check out the MTV News Online feature "Hanson: A Good Wow."