Sammy Hagar Talks About Returning To The 70's

May 23 [16:00 EDT] -- Nearly one year after parting company with Van Halen, singer Sammy Hagar is back with a new album called "Marching To Mars."

The release will mark his first solo effort in 11 years, and Hagar thinks the album will still hold up 11 years from now.

"I'm real proud of this record," Hagar told MTV News. "'March Into Mars' to me, hopefully in 10 years, I'd still be very proud of this record, because there's no fad to it. It's not an era record. I didn't jump on any bandwagons. It's not a heavy metal record. It's not a punk record. It's a rootsy, R&B, blues, rock record, and that's who and what I really am." [800k QuickTime]

As evidence of Hagar's back-to-basics approach, he enlisted the help of the original line-up of Montrose (Hagar's band from the early 70's) on one track, as well as funk bass phenomenon Bootsy Collins. Huey Lewis also turns up on the album lending his harmonica skills to Hagar's

first single, "Little White Lies." ["Little White Lies" Video, 800k QuickTime]

Hagar will launch a year-long tour on June 19 on South Padre Island, Texas.