Sammy Hagar Blocks Biography; Concern Over Van Halen Issues

Sammy Hagar was in a Kansas City courtroom on Thursday successfully arguing for a temporary injunction against the sale of a book about his life.

"Red Storm Arising," a biography of the former Van Halen singer, was to have been available for purchase on the Internet on the same day.

The book's author, David Huff, told MTV News that he and Hagar had originally planned to co-write an authorized version of Hagar's life story, but the two had a falling-out over financial issues in 1997.

According to Huff, Hagar decided not to do a book at all. Huff opted to carry on with the project, and last week he filed a lawsuit against Hagar for breach of contract.

Hagar, fearing that the book was about to be marketed at his upcoming concerts in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Dallas, filed papers on Wednesday seeking an injunction to block the sale and distribution of the biography.

In court the following day, Hagar asked for and received a temporary restraining order after claiming

ownership of the early interview tapes as well as other materials used for the book, including the cover photograph. The sale of the book is now on hold until a hearing can be scheduled to determine its ownership.

A source close to Hagar says that the singer is mostly concerned with the Van Halen aspects of the biography. Complicating the issue is threatened legal action against the author by Van Halen manager Ray Danniels over the sections of the book pertaining to Danniels' role in the well-publicized Sammy Hagar-Van Halen split.

An advance release of the book's cover copy promises the biography will provide coverage of Hagar's "tormented" youth and describes its account of the Hagar-Van Halen divorce as a "gripping, suspense-laden tale of behind the scenes maneuvering, back-door deals and outright treachery."

Huff promises he'll be keeping fans apprised of the status of the litigation with posts on the book's Web site.