Fun Lovin' Huey Arrested On Marijuana Charge

Fun Lovin' Criminals' fun-lovin' frontman Huey was incarcerated for 24 hours on Thursday after being arrested in New York City for possession of a small amount of marijuana, according to the band's manager.

The arrest came while Huey, a.k.a. Huey DiFontaine, was allegedly smoking a joint with friends on a street corner, which reportedly attracted the attention of a passing cop.

The easy-going Criminals are well known for their love of marijuana (as evidenced by their latest album title, "100% Columbian," and their lyrical content, including such songs as "Smoke 'Em") and their distaste for violence and hard drugs.

"[Huey's] crime was neither violent, nor did he harm anyone," stated FLC's manager, Jonathan Block.

The arrest, Block told MTV News, is not expected to interfere with the band's overseas touring. Although its members are New Yorkers, the group is more popular in Europe then at home and spends much of its time in England. The band is even planning on opening a restaurant

in London.