Kirk Franklin Finds Jesus (In Nikes) In Concert

September 11 [14:00 EDT] -- Jesus in Nikes.

That's how Kirk Franklin describes his recent tour with Nu Nation and the God's Property Choir.

Franklin, who scored a hit with Nu Nation and God's Property with "Stomp," described the groups' recent U.S. tour as being, "like Jesus coming with some Nikes on. He's got some Nikes on. He's got his baseball cap on backwards. He's sitting on the front lawn. He's chilling, and everybody knows he's up in the house. We just trying to create an atmosphere, because we know that society has been turned off by organized religion. We know that the people aren't trying to hear about Christianity. Nobody's really trying to hear about that. We present it in a way that it's not corny, it's not boring, it's not for your grandma."

Speaking of things that aren't for your grandma, Franklin can be heard singing backup on the upcoming album from Salt-n-Pepa.

You'll soon be able to catch Franklin doing his own thing in his next

video, "You Are The Only One," and like "Stomp" it features Nu Nation and God's Property.