Fleetwood Mac Revisits The Past

April 22 [12:00 EST] -- Despite a much-publicized helping hand from fan Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks is putting her next solo project aside in order to focus on a reunion with Fleetwood Mac.

Love had co-written a song for Nicks with Blinker the Star frontman Jordan Zadorozny, but for now Nicks is back with the band whose gazillion selling album "Rumors" was in just about everyone's record collection 20 years ago. The record chronicled the romantic tensions within the band's Anglo-American line-up, which included Nicks, her one-time beau Lindsay Buckingham, Christine and John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood.

"Rumors" went on to sell 17 million copies, far outlasting the relationships it detailed as each of the two couples saw their romances dissolve shortly after the album's release.

Now the band is back, and MTV News found them rehearsing in North Hollywood on Friday for a new album, and an MTV special. The band was also busy surmounting ghosts of the past, which proved

to be easier than anticipated.

"I think what's been great about it is that everyone has kind of grown up a little bit," Buckingham told MTV News. "I think, you know, coming from a situation where you had two couples in a band and there was a lot of baggage, which was part of what made that interesting, made the music interesting. Now we're coming back, and the chemistry is still there, but the baggage is not." [800k QuickTime]

"So much bad stuff had gone on between us," McVie added. "I'm not suggesting that we all hated each other, I mean, I just felt that trying to recreate the past may not be a thing that was possible. But we're not actually doing that at all, we're creating something new from the past, you know, which is really refreshing, but so familiar at the same time." [800k QuickTime]

Fleetwood Mac is now recording a still-untitled album with several new songs

and revamped versions of classic hits. It's due out by the fall, and there may be a tour. The band also plans to tape an MTV concert special next month.