Fleetwood Mac Comeback Album Tops Charts

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder. This is "The Week In Rock."

You'll never guess who'll be topping the "Billboard" album chart on Monday. Fresh from the seventies, it's Fleetwood Mac, with its comeback greatest hits concert album, "The Dance," which was taken from its recent MTV reunion concert. The group starts a comeback tour on September 17th, in Hartford, Connecticut -- so who knows? Maybe this re-group has a future. Here's Stevie Nicks talking with Chris Connelly.

CHRIS CONNELLY: How much creative life do you think this incarnation of the band has? Or don't you know yet?

STEVIE NICKS: I don't know yet. We're gonna know a whole lot more when we get about half way through this tour, because it is 40 concerts, and that is a lot of concerts. So, I think we'll probably have a real good idea if we want to go back right away, or whether we want to take a break, or whether we don't want to do it anymore.

How long Fleetwood Mac remains at number one remains to be seen.