Rumours: Fleetwood Mac Blow-Up Blows Off Concert

October 20 [10:00 EDT] -- The last minute cancellation of Fleetwood Mac's concert in Vancouver, Canada, angered a lot of fans last week, but this week those fans are really livid over a report that the cancellation was not due to the 'bronchitis' supposedly affecting Lindsey Buckingham, but rather a temper tantrum courtesy of Stevie Nicks.

The daily Vancouver Province newspaper said yesterday that the band had a major blowout after their show in Tacoma, Washington, last Saturday (October 11) for reasons unknown, with Nicks in the center of the fray. She apparently refused to make the trip to Vancouver the next day to play the Sunday night concert in spite of all attempts by management to convince her to do so.

The show was called off an hour before showtime, just as the doors to the venue were about to open. Estimates say roughly 10,000 fans had already arrived or were en route when a press release was issued saying that a doctor was advising Buckingham not to perform.

Press antennae were raised when it was discovered the band hadn't even made it into the country much less to the venue, and that Buckingham wasn't even hoarse at the performance the previous night or for the dates that followed in California.

The paper pointed out that the reported behaviour wasn't out of character for Nicks--in the past she had ordered a $20,000 video scrapped because it made her arms look fat.

Fleetwood Mac broke up acrimoniously not too many years after their 1977 "Rumours" album became one of the best selling albums of all time. The recent kiss-and-make-up reunion tour and album ("The Dance") have both proved very successful so far.

Neither representatives for the band nor the promoters were immediately available for comment.