Fleetwood Mac Pack It In Again

December 11 [10:00 EDT] -- According to a report in Variety, Fleetwood Mac will not be continuing their successful reunion tour as planned.

The publication says that although the rest of the members are up for more dates in 1998 after a break for the holidays, keyboardist Christine McVie has nixed the idea citing exhaustion. Both the band's new album, "The Dance," and subsequent tour were among the year's most successful, particularly the tour. Promoters in the States and Europe were scheduling new dates when the plug was pulled.

Meanwhile, inside sources say Stevie Nicks was unfairly vilified when the band cancelled a show in Vancouver, Canada in October. As reported by MTV News, the local daily paper in the area published a rumor that the last minute cancellation, officially written off to ill health, was caused by a band argument and Nicks' subsequent refusal to perform. However, the source says the problem was a transportation

delay involving the band's shared use of a chartered private plane. They were stranded at the Tacoma, Wash., airport and would have been late for the start of the show. The only argument that took place was a discussion at the airport as to whether to rush to the city or call it a day.

Comparatively slow ticket sales - one of the only dates on the tour to suffer that fate - were also a factor. As stated, the tour was very successful, but it was also very expensive. It required near-full houses just to break even.