Fastball Taps Brian Setzer For New LP Track

Austin, Texas trio Fastball has completed work on its new album, "The Harsh Light Of Day," and the group has set a September 19 release date for the disc.

Fastball again tapped producer Julian Raymond to helm the boards for the effort, the follow-up to the platinum-selling "All The Pain Money Can Buy" (see "Fastball Sees 'Harsh Light Of Day' For Next LP"), and the album will also feature guest appearances from singer-guitarist Brian Setzer and keyboardist Billy Preston, sometimes referred to as "The Fifth Beatle" for his work on the Fab Four's "Let It Be" album.

Fastball's Miles Zuniga and Tony Scalzo recently spoke to the MTV Radio Network about working with former Stray Cats frontman Setzer on a new song, "Love Is Expensive And Free," for the band's forthcoming third album.

"We had this song, and it's got a mariachi band and Jose Hernandez playing on it," Zuniga


"It's a mariachi orchestra," Scalzo interjected.

"It's a full-on orchestra," Zuniga agreed. "After we listened to it, some of us thought that maybe it was a little over-the-top. [Laughs] So we came up with the idea to get Brian to play a little guitar, 'cause he's real schooled in all kinds of music. He agreed to do it, and it was great. He came down, [heard it], and liked the song."

"He had already done a bunch of homework," Scalzo said, "and when he came into the studio, he had like three pages of notes and went, 'I got all kinds of ideas for this song.' You can imagine how that sounds, from a fan's perspective." [RealAudio]

Fastball will introduce material from its next album during a radio festival in Honolulu on July 22.

Track listing for Fastball's "The Harsh

Light Of Day:"

  • "This Is Not My Life"
  • "You're An Ocean"
  • "Goodbye"
  • "Love Is Expensive And Free"
  • "Vampires"
  • "Wind Me Up"
  • "Morning Star"
  • "Time"
  • "Dark Street"
  • "Funny How It Fades Away"
  • "Don't Give Up On Me"
  • "Whatever Gets You On"