Eve, Ginuwine, Juvenile Concert Halted After Fans Storm Venue

Violence erupted at a radio-sponsored rap concert on Friday night in Oakland, California, prompting the event, which was to feature performances from Cash Money rappers Juvenile and The Hot Boys, Ruff Ryders rapper Eve, and R&B artist Ginuwine, to be cut short.

"The Oakland Tribune" reports that the show, sponsored by area station KMEL, got underway as scheduled, but that trouble began around 9 p.m. when a crowd stormed the doors and rushed past the metal detectors that had been positioned at the arena entrances.

Fights then broke out between the gate-crashers and some of the 12,000 audience-goers who were already inside the Oakland Arena, prompting the 100 police officers at the concert to call in 150 additional officers to help them clear the venue.

Early reports had suggested that guns had been fired both inside and outside the Oakland Arena during the riot. Authorities dismissed such notions on Saturday, saying there was no evidence to suggest that gunfire

either prompted or played any role in the disturbance.

The Oakland police and Alameda County sheriff's deputies did not arrest any suspects for their role in Friday night's melee, as the authorities were more concerned with safely evacuating people from the Arena.

The concert, which was two-thirds completed when the trouble began, marked the first time in ten years that a rap event had been held at the Oakland Arena.

The Cash Money rappers were supposed to headline the multi-act concert; they never even made it to the Oakland Arena, as promoters called the performers before they showed up and told them that the show had been canceled.

A spokesperson for the venue said it had no plans to issue refunds.

-- David Basham

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