Evan And Jaron Go Girl "Crazy" For New Single, Album

Armed with a new deal with Columbia Records, the Atlanta sibling duo of Evan And Jaron has returned to the airwaves with "Crazy For This Girl," the first single from the upcoming self-titled album.

"Crazy For This Girl" has already entered the Top 40 of the Pop-Contemporary Hit Radio chart, according to "R&R." Twin brothers Evan and Jaron recently talked with MTV News about the track, which deals with the physical maturation of an otherwise platonic relationship.

"[The song] is about that girl that we all grew up with who is your friend," Jaron explained. "[She's] your best friend, and she's been with you through everything."

"It doesn't necessarily have to be someone you grew up with," Evan clarified.

"Well, it's somebody that you've hung out with for a while," Jaron continued, "someone you've known. But for some reason -- there's just something in your head -- you haven't made her your girlfriend or that significant other."

"You keep overlooking her," Evan added.

"Yeah, she's the one that's always overlooked," Jaron said, "and it's really about that moment when you realize, why am I overlooking this girl? She's been around, well, she hasn't been around [in that sense], but she's been with me for so long, she's been a part of my life, it doesn't make any sense why she's not the one.

"The song is written about that moment where you realize she is the one," he concluded, "and that you are, in fact, actually crazy for this girl."

The duo's "Evan And Jaron" LP, which was executive produced by T-Bone Burnett and includes contributions from Mick Fleetwood, John Medeski, and Semisonic's Dan Wilson (see "Semisonic's Dan Wilson Dishes On 'Liberating' New Record") is due in stores on September 12.