Pumpkins' Corgan Pitches In For Enuff Z'nuff

Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan recently spread some love to fellow Chicagoans Enuff Z'nuff on the critically lauded pop-rockers' new album.

Corgan joins Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen and Styx's James Young on the list of folks who pitched in on the band's latest effort, "Paraphernalia." Corgan plays guitar on the band's cover of the Cheap Trick nugget "Everything Works If You Let It."

"Basically, I said, 'Billy, do whatever you want,'" frontman Chip Z'nuff told the MTV Radio Network of Corgan's involvement. "He proceeded to pick up an old Les Paul that we had in the studio and plugged in to this tiny amplifier, and he was done within two hours."

"He's a superstar, and he was kind enough to come down and play with the band and show his love for what we've been doing all these years," Z'nuff added.

What the band has been doing since its formation in 1984 is consistently churning out power-pop that has garnered a surprising amount of critical praise. "Paraphernalia" is the

band's tenth album and its first studio effort since 1997's "Seven."